Thursday, 3 May 2012

'Can you imagine a life without festivals?'

It's May 3rd. This means:
  • Tomorrow is May 4th, for all the Star Wars nerds
  • The sun is coming out (slowly, but it's getting there)
  • I need to get on with my exams
  • Summer is drawing near
  • In exactly a month, I'll be at a festival.
Yes, festival season is almost here - this means digging the wellies out, having excited spasms pretty much every hour because of how excited you are about the next amazing lineup, saving up all our cash and blowing it, buying endless amounts of glitter, wishing you owned a campervan, and hiding bottles of wine in a crumpled-up heaps of clothes in your rucksack and calling it 'efficient packing'. 

Festivals will always be the best part of the year for me - having grown up going to festivals, I get more and more excited for them every year. Waking up early in the morning to make breakfast on a barbecue, pretty stalls and lights and flags everywhere, running around at 4am making new friends, trampling through mud, having a jam session around a fire with people you met 5 minutes ago, and most of all, the overwhelming sense of family.
Looks like this is gonna be my summer this year:

I'm playing at Osfest, Oceanfest and possibly Beautiful Days - hope to see you there!
What festivals are you going to this summer?


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