Thursday, 14 June 2012


It's been a hellishly long time, I know - I've been horribly busy, sorry! As you can probably tell, I've made a few changes. It's all been a bit rainy, miserable and busy this week - three exams, reading and researching, and very occupied watching Disney films on the VCR I just got back in my room. erm.

On Tuesday 23rd May I played at the Bristol Olympic Torch relay. Was a lovely day in sunny sunny Bristol, drinking strawberries&cream Starbucks frappuchinos, reading NME and playing to a crowd of roughly 6000 people - above is a less than flattering photo of me on the screen. Screw fat-o-vision!

Then, on the 2nd-4th of June, I played at Osfest, in Oswestry. It was a rainy rainy RAINY weekend, spent running around the fairground with old friends, watching Benjamin Francis Leftwich and meeting Hard-Fi. Cheers to all the people who stood in the rain to watch me... means a lot :) major hugs.

The week after I went to London for a few days, played some gigs, had some meetings, went to the recording studio for a bit (see photo above. My name is Symbolface, and I have a symbol face) and generally bumbled around with my band, mum and manager. Was a bit of a laff'. I also watched The Devil Inside, which is pretty fucking bad. But hilarious.

This weekend: my Darcy is coming over tomorrow night for pizza and a Tim Minchin marathon, and then Oceanfest! If you're going, come watch me play at 1pm on Saturday. Also playing on Saturday is Natty and Ben Howard, whom I will be watching! So come find me, and say hey.
Lots of love and peas. xxx

(p.s. tune of the week - Write It On Your Skin by Newton Faulkner. Absolutely lush.)


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